Building your new home is an exciting and important adventure, so we want the process to be as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Here is an overview of how it all works.


When you contact McGowan Homes with your initial enquiry, we will send you our enquiry questionnaire for you to complete. Upon our receipt of the completed questionnaire we will contact you to discuss your building project and send you our brochure about McGowan Homes.

Initial consultation

Meet with our Builder Jeremy to discuss all of your requirements and possibilities for your home. You will also cover the location of the site and any conditions that will need to be considered. This will also be the time to discuss possible budgets and establish the level of fixtures and finishes that you are hoping to achieve. We will give you guidance with designers/architects and other professional consultants if needed. If you already have your own detailed plans and are ready to start building, all of your requirements will be noted in order to prepare an estimate.


General review and preliminary agreement

If you feel comfortable with the initial consultation with our Builder, Jeremy. A preliminary agreement will be put in place to cover some of the costs involved in putting together the detailed building proposal. This figure depends on whether or not you have your own plans or if we need to organise this. It can also vary depending on the size and the level of finish required on your project. We put a lot of effort into our building proposals to ensure that everything you have asked for and what has been shown on the plans are included.

Second meeting

A second meeting will be required to review your plans, documentation and finishes so we can compile a detailed building proposal.


Final documentation

Once you are happy with all the plans and upon acceptance of our detailed building proposal, final documentation is presented, which includes a detailed specification and a
residential building contract. Upon signing the contract, a deposit will need to be paid. Once this has been paid we will then organise QLeave and all necessary insurances and provide them to the certifier. They will then be able to organise the building plan approvals.

Construction begins

We are now ready to start your building project. You will be set up with our online communications software where you will receive updates on the progress of your project. Site meetings are arranged to monitor progress of the works.


Upon practical completion, we ask you to have a walk-through of your project with our builder and inspect all completed works. At this point if there are any incomplete works they will be rectified for final acceptance and occupation of your home. At handover you will also receive appliance manuals, maintenance information, etc to help you to settle in.

Maintenance period

McGowan Homes will attend to any issues or rectification works that require completion during the defects liability period of 12 months.

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