Interior design is an incredibly important element of a new home build. It’s the part you’ll be looking at day-in, day-out and can be the difference between simply liking your new home and falling in love with it.

We recently created a stunning home for a client in Reedy Creek, where the interiors were carefully crafted. We worked closely with trusted contractors and partners to achieve a natural-themed home that embodies luxury living. This month we’re taking you Behind the Build with one of our partners in this project, Gold Coast Coatings, who offer painting services for new homes and renovations across the Gold Coast.

We recently sat down with Blake Ryan, director of Gold Coast Coatings to learn more about the influence of colour in creating a natural home like Reedy Creek. Keep reading to hear what he had to say:

McGowan Homes: What are some of the most important elements to consider when creating a natural-themed home?

Blake Ryan: The first thing would be colour but texture for me is also a big one. These days you don’t see as many coloured feature walls; you’re more likely to see classed feature walls or other types of textured feature walls like cladding or exposed brick, timber and so on.

At Reedy Creek in particular, we drew upon stained and natural timbers to add interest and create an overall natural feeling.

MH: What are your top colour recommendations for a natural-looking space?

BR: A couple of colours come to mind – one called Whisper White, another called Ashen Mist and finally Snowy Mountains Quarter, which we used at Reedy Creek. When we’re using colours like this, 99% of the time we always go back to a white door and frame as this contrasts with the walls and makes the room look better. It’s also a good way to bring the colour out in the walls.

Lighter colours like these make a space look bigger but painting doors and door frames in the same colour as a wall can make things feel enclosed – white elements will brighten your space up a bit more.

MH: Are there any colours you’d suggest avoiding in the home?

BR: I usually tell people to avoid darker colours. If you’ve got small rooms or bedrooms, you don’t want to choose a shade that’s too dark, especially if there’s low light, because it can make the colour seem even darker than it is on the colour card. It’s also going to make the room feel smaller.

MH: What is the best way to select a colour palette that will fit with your overall design?

BR: I always tell people to head in-store and check out colour cards, displays and brochures wherever possible. For my Gold Coast clients, I usually recommend Bristol Paint and Decorator in Burleigh Heads because they are a painter and decorator and they have a huge range of paint and other design elements from different manufacturers.

If you head to Bristol and explain your theme, they’ll be able to point you in the right direction and recommend samples to try. I’ve been going there for about 12 years and we still get all of our supplies from there to this day.

MH: Have you seen any particular colour trends among clients recently?

BR: I was actually talking to a builder about this recently. In the last 2 or 3 years, 99% of the houses we’ve worked on have been white on white – white walls, white ceilings, white doors. But in the last 6 months, every second house has had coloured walls. Lots of people are also going back to warmer colours, which is a huge turn around.

A few years ago, it would be rare for us to do a house with different coloured walls to frames, but the last few months we’ve had so many contrasting and warmer colours like Ashen Mist and Snowy Mountains Quarter. Actually, another one that’s been really popular is called Whitsunday Island, which is a Dulux one.

MH: What are some of your top tips for natural design?

BR: A few things I’d recommend would be adding different textures and materials where you can. Things like a splash of timber – hardwood or stained – can break the design up, especially if you’re using a lot of white. One of the jobs we’re currently working on has a rough sawn pine feature wall made of huge pine sleepers, which we’re painting white. We’re left the gaps open so it adds a bit of texture to an otherwise plain living space – it’s added a real beachy feel to the room.

MH: Are there any big colour or painting mistakes to avoid in a home build? How can people avoid these?

BR: As I said, I’d always recommend avoiding using darker colours in small, low light areas and I’d also suggest trying samples before you make a final decision. Try a colour out and see how it looks in different lighting, at different angles and on different walls. Take the colour through the house and see what it looks like.

It’s also important to realise that paint will look different at different times of day – so your walls may look noticeably different in the morning light to what they do in the afternoon sun. It’s worth trying your colours out and making sure they fit with your overall design at all times of day.

I’d also recommend getting a professional painter in to complete your house, especially for a new home. A few times we’ve been called in to fix home jobs that have turned into absolute disasters – we’ve spent days sanding out runs and repainting and you just think, it would have been so much easier and cheaper to get a professional painter in from the start.

Don’t just choose any painter – look for someone who is certified and has a good reputation in your area. At Gold Coast Coatings, we’re Taubmans Certified, which isn’t a title you can just pay for; it’s a certification Taubmans will give to people who have been with them for a certain amount of time and who they’re sure use only premium products. They’re really selective about who they choose!


To find out more about how colour and texture can be used to create a natural home, check out our completed project at Reedy Creek.

If you’re looking for a painter for your new home or renovation project, get in touch with Blake at Gold Coast Coatings. Alternatively, if you’re ready to get starting on your own luxury lifestyle, get in touch with the Gold Coast’s premier home building team – McGowan Homes.


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