One of the biggest considerations that comes with constructing your own home is the interior design; should you stick with a classic look, opt for a modern design or go for something a little quirky? The sheer number of design principles can be overwhelming, so it helps to start with what’s trending at the time of your build.

While it doesn’t make sense to incorporate each and every current trend into your home, you can then pick and choose those that suit your unique look. To find out more about what’s trending in home design this year, we’re taking you Behind the Build with Interior Designer, Amber Leigh from Evoque Interiors.

Image: Evoque Interiors

McGH: What bathroom trends should we expect to see in 2019?

AL: This year more attention is being given to the bathroom than ever before. With beautifully designed statement vanities, the bathroom is no longer just the leftover materials of a well planned kitchen. We expect this trend to grow as the year continues, with a rise in vanities made from unique hardwoods and more detailed joinery profiles creating bespoke furniture pieces.

Image: Evoque Interiors

McGH: What about materials?

AL: Large format porcelain will be making traction this year, with its durability and versatility making it suitable for many applications. Being UV stable allows kitchen bench tops made from this product to continue outdoors without a change in finish and makes for beautiful seamless bathroom feature walls that eliminate the use of grout.

McGH: Are there any architectural shapes we should look out for?

AL: Curves are key in 2019. We are already seeing the softening of harsh corners created by past trends, as well curved basins and smooth organic tapware styles. There’s also been a beautiful flow on effect of curves in kitchen island benches, wall panelling, stairs and archways. Elegant curved corners will continue to become popular in furniture, accessories and general design as the year goes on.

McGH: How about styles? What should we expect to emerge in 2019?

AL: Art deco, high contrast geometric shapes will continue to trend with metals being added to concrete based feature walls and marble tiles to create interest. We expect to see more mixed marble, fine lines and bold colours that give the art deco style its rich glamorous feel.

McGH: Are there any other key elements to look out for in 2019?

AL: Awkward spaces are being filled with bench seating, storage and study nooks, making use of every corner of the home. Living room joinery is becoming an extension of the kitchen as it becomes less about zoning and more about integration, with multi purpose areas becoming increasingly popular due to clever technology.

At McGowan Homes we work with the best in the business and draw upon the latest design trends to bring your unique vision to life. Whether it’s a new home, extension or renovation, we can help you create a home that’ll bring you joy for years to come.

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