Choosing a builder is always big decision.  There are a lot of ‘horror stories’ out there and our apprehension was certainly very real.

Without doubt we were so pleased we chose McGowan Building Services.  Jeremy and Christine combine their skill sets to ensure a smooth process and a quality result.

Right from the beginning of our renovation, McGowan Building demonstrated support and professionalism in helping us through the murky waters of insurance claims. Without their ongoing communication with our Insurers we would never have got this completed. We had been 12 months trying to sort it out and they expedited the process smoothly and efficiently.

We were very happy with the quality of the workmanship.  Jeremy supervised his team on a daily basis and ensured that the job was of the highest standards throughout every phase.  This included structural repairs, waterproofing, tiling, gyprocking and painting.  He insisted the site was left clean every day!!  Can you believe that?

The back office operations were excellent.  Communication was unambiguous, timely and straight forward.

If you are seeking high quality, stress free processes and a high quality result, we highly recommend McGowan Building Services for your next building project. These guys are rare!


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