As many Australians nationwide have experienced a period of working from home in 2020, the concept has quickly gained traction as a solution that will outlast the pandemic. Whether it be for their convenience or safety, the reality is that an increasing number of Australians now have a lasting need for a home office space.

With years of experience building luxury residences, McGowan Homes understand how to build a comfortable workspace that meets all of your remote working needs. We’ve put together a guide to integrating a home office into your new home – check it out below.

Aim for peace and quiet

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While 65% of people say they find themselves working more productively remotely than in the office, this likely won’t be the case if your workspace is right next to the dining room, living room, or another noisy area. Carefully selecting the location is the crucial first step to working from home successfully.

Opt for the section of the house you think will afford you the most privacy and concentration. This likely depends on your floorplan and family situation – if you’ve cleverly located the kids’ bedrooms down one end of the house, it makes sense to set up your home office at the opposite end. We also recommend keeping your bedroom separate from your workspace in order to establish much-needed boundaries between your work and private life.

Natural light is key 

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Lighting is one of the oft-forgotten external factors that have the biggest influence on productivity. Consider the prospect of working in a fluorescently lit office cubicle – grim isn’t it? Luckily, building your own home office allows you to dictate the kind of environment you will work in and creating one with an abundance of natural light is a great place to start.

Build your office in a location of your home that allows a good amount of natural light, without it being overwhelming at any point of the day. Ensure your room has blinds outfitted to manage the light and heat coming in. While relying on natural light is ideal, it’s also important to install quality lighting. Optimal exposure to the sun will boost your morale, improve productivity, and encourage you to keep regular work hours.

Don’t forget about storage 

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Good organisation is key to productivity – and the key to feeling organised is having ample storage solutions to reduce clutter. Outfitting your office with plenty of drawers, shelves and filing cabinets will keep your office clean and inviting. Try and keep everything as compact and simple as possible. Not only will having an organised home office improve your productivity and reduce stress while you are working, but it will also make you feel more inclined to start working.

Convenient connectivity

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Connectivity works hand-in-hand with storage as the keys to an organised home office. Of course, working from home is impossible without a stable internet connection and easy power access – so this is one of the first things you should consider when setting up your space. Ensure that your office is located close to your internet router and your power points are situated conveniently throughout the room.

Furthermore, ‘wire management’ will go a long way towards reducing the clutter in your home office. To avoid constantly tripping over cables, invest in custom joinery solutions such as a space to run your wires through or a desk outfitted with USB ports and focused lighting.

Are you ready to increase your productivity and decrease your stress levels by integrating a bespoke home office into your new build? Contact the Gold Coast’s luxury home specialists at McGowan Homes today.


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