There comes a time in most families’ lives where their current house is either too small or doesn’t fit their needs, so it’s necessary to either renovate, knock-down rebuild or move to a completely new home.

While most would immediately look to move, it’s not always the best option. Leaving behind your local community and neighbourhood can be harder than first thought, especially when the kids’ schools, amenities and the commute to work are taken into consideration.

Whilst renovating is a good option, there are often many things you may not have considered that could be uncovered in the research phase of your building journey and sometimes it can be more cost effective to simply start over.

So why not a knock-down rebuild? With no need to sacrifice your perfect location and the opportunity to create something completely new, it should be a serious option. Here are four reasons why:

  1. It’s a blank canvas

While renovations may seem like less work, they can actually cause more issues. It restricts the way you use your block and your design potential, as well as elements like orientation, insulation and lighting.

If you happen to have a large block, a knock-down rebuild allows you to take full advantage of the available space, while also taking into consideration sustainable features like solar panels and rainwater tanks. It will allow you to consider elements like a swimming pool, an outdoor entertaining area, open-plan living spaces or a low-maintenance garden.

A completely new slate will also allow you to install better technology across your lighting, insulation, heating and cooling.

  1. You can embrace a new style

We all remember the mustard yellow of the seventies, pokey room design and tendency to have not one, but two dining rooms in the houses of the past. These days, home design looks a little different, with open-plan living spaces, natural fibres and materials and neutral tones all appearing much more often. A knock-down-rebuild means you can embrace these changes, redesigning and restyling spaces to suit your needs and reflect the current trends.

  1. It can reduce structural issues

After decades of living in a home, it’s inevitable that large structural changes will be required. Depending on the severity, these may be too large to justify a renovation – it would end up being more costly than starting again! Examples of this include a sagging floor, water damage or other challenges affecting the foundational elements.

  1. Two for the price of one

Older suburbs tend to have larger blocks, meaning you could explore the opportunity to build two houses on the same piece of land. Subdivision can be a create way to create an investment plan – you live in one, but sell the other off.

Should you be thinking about a knock-down rebuild, McGowan Homes can help. We have extensive experience in managing complex projects and can work side-by-side to help bring your vision to life.

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