Luxury coastal living is a term we often hear from clients, but it’s less often that we actually think about what this concept really means. As a broad idea we can think of luxury coastal living as creating the ultimate living environment for your needs and desires.

Obviously as we’re talking about your needs and desires, this is a very subjective concept. Essentially luxury is what you perceive it to be – maybe it’s having a large entertaining area, or a lap pool, or perhaps it’s a walk in robe. It might even be spending a little extra on beautiful quality fixtures and fittings.

When it comes to coastal living, this is again open to interpretation – maybe your ideal home is built directly across the road from the beach, or maybe you’re perfectly located between a lake and the sea. Regardless of what it is you desire, a great builder can help you achieve the luxury coastal lifestyle of your dreams.


Once you’ve chosen a builder, they can help you to find and engage a trusted architect to create the home you desire. Whether it’s a resort-style home or something with a little more traditional luxury, an architect can create a design that takes advantage of your gorgeous surroundings to achieve a true coastal feel.

One successful way to enhance the coastal feel is to bring the elements in with seamless indoor and outdoor spaces. This might be achieved through floor to ceiling windows showcasing beach views, or bi-fold doors that open fully during summer to create an extended living space. Planning for outdoor areas that make full use of the surroundings can also be a great way to achieve luxury coastal living.


Living a luxury coastal lifestyle doesn’t just mean you’ll wake up to beach views; it permeates everything your home is about, including the way it’s built and what exactly it’s made from. Enlisting a HIA GreenSmart Professional Builder to look at the position of the house, the design and the materials you’re thinking about using can help you create the most environmentally friendly house possible.

Living on the coast comes with a certain responsibility to care for the beautiful surroundings and this is something a GreenSmart builder can help you with. Some key things to consider when building ‘smarter’ are the orientation of your home (this should maximise solar design principles), natural cross ventilation (often with Lourve windows) and flooring.


Choosing a theme can be a great way to achieve the luxury coastal lifestyle you are hoping for. For example, you could choose beach theme to fit in with your seaside home, or a fluid theme for a home perched on the edge of a river.

In 2012, this award winning home embodies all of the elements above and was architecturally designed to take advantage of its magnificent surroundings. This HIA GreenSmart home is environmentally friendly and successfully integrated the indoor and outdoor spaces, achieving the luxury coastal living feel the homeowners were looking for.

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