What You Need to Know When Building

Safety is paramount for the team at McGowan Homes. Regardless of the type of construction site, tradespeople, builders, clients and contractors are at risk of injury should on-site safety measures not be enforced. This has become even more important as we continue building homes during the Coronavirus pandemic.

It’s important to take the time to ensure we follow current rules, regulations and advice on building and construction from WorkCover Queensland. This ensures we can create a safe, happy and supportive environment for our hard-working team, who don’t have to worry about their safety and can instead focus on building incredible Gold Coast residences.

Training and Education is Key to Site Safety

In order to follow occupational health and safety (OH&S) regulations in Australia, construction sites must ensure that all on-site construction workers have completed a Safety Induction Course prior to attending the site and have a Safety Induction Card with them at all times.

Prior to arrival at McGowan Homes building sites, workers are provided with safety information to review and upon arrival at site are inducted and workplace health and safety is discussed to ensure a safe workplace for all.

At McGowan Homes, we undertake regular toolbox meetings with our employees and sub-contractors to ensure our on-site safety remains at the highest possible standard. We want our employees to have the knowledge and resources to tackle any safety issue that may come their way both on and off site.

Smart Scheduling

It’s never safe to have too many people on site. Not only is it incredibly unproductive to have contractors and tradespeople vying for space, tools and resources as they try to complete their designated tasks, accidents are far more likely to happen on crowded work sites. More bodies mean less space, more equipment and more potential hazards.

This is where smart scheduling becomes important. This requires the skill of an experienced project manager to consider a build at the beginning and carefully schedule each part of the process. This will ensure sites don’t become overcrowded and contractors and tradespeople can complete their allocated tasks on time and with ample space.

Client Site Safety

Safety protocols are not only for employees, but for the safety of clients too. We know how much clients want to inspect their site and see the progress on their home, but at McGowan Homes we only allow on-site visits when a prior arrangement has been made with the project manager. This allows us to ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone involved in the construction of your brand new, luxury home.

COVID-19 Precautions

Prior to visiting a potential client during the COVID-19 pandemic, we ask that they complete a health disclosure form and read through public health warning documents, provided by Master Builders Queensland. We also email all sub-contractors and trades an OH&S pack with a health disclosure form to complete and safety information brochure to read before they come on site. Upon arrival at a building site, the McGowan Homes team will double check these documents have been completed. We’ve also added site signage around safety measures for COVID-19, including hand washing, social distancing and on-site capacity.


If you’re ready to build your dream luxury home with a safety-conscious team on the Gold Coast, get in touch with McGowan Homes today!

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