0001bensonphotoChoosing the colour of your house is one of the biggest and probably most difficult decisions you will have to make. Your house colour is crucial as it will define your home’s character, look and feel. Pick a bland and “safe” colour and your house might look boring. Choose a very bright and bold house colour and your home might stand out in a bad way. It might even annoy your neighbours and passers-by.

The key is achieving the right balance.  Here are some tips to help you out in deciding which house colour to go for.

Pick a Style

0058bensonphotoYour house colour should revolve around the overall style and theme you want. Are you into traditional styles or contemporary? Do you prefer the classic elegance that white provides or the excitement and vibrance that bold hues give out?

Remember that the house colour you’ll choose will create the atmosphere around the house. It can stir certain feelings, as there are colours that can calm people out or ignite passion and other strong emotions. So if you want people to simply relax and unwind while in your home, then you may want to veer away from bright, active or gloomy colours.

Test It First

Having decided on which house colour to go for is great but it doesn’t mean you should immediately paint your walls with it. It is still best to test the paint first to see whether it actually looks good or not. Remember that there are factors such as light that can affect the colours of the wall and you have to take this into account as well.

Opt for Neutral Tones for Flexibility

0020BensonphotoCeilings should have neutral hues for dark ceilings never work as they create an oppressive mood. Neutral tones are also advisable for large furniture because it’s easier to match with. You have the flexibility to switch your room’s colour, look and feel by simply changing accessories like cushions and throw pillows if the larger pieces of furniture have neutral tones.

Where to get house colour ideas?PRINT__DSC1434

House colour ideas are everywhere. If you can’t decide or are stuck, you can simply go out and look around to realise which house colour is best for the vision you have.

You can:

  • Study your neighbour’s house colour combination.
  • Get inspiration from nature.
  • Consider the areas in your home that won’t be painted such as the brick walls, windows and natural wooden door and think of the colour that will go well with them.
  • Seek the advice of a professional home designer and builder.A0054Bensonphoto
  • Colour is a personal choice, but it also impacts on the overall look and feel of your home. The colour scheme you choose for your home should reflect not only your personal taste but also tie into the overall style of your home and provide the backdrop for your furnishings.
  • Some take colour for granted feeling it doesn’t really matter, but it can set the mood and appeal of individual rooms as well as setting the ambience and overall appeal of your home!

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