A new year and a new decade… What an exciting time it is to be working in the home building industry! At McGowan Homes we can’t wait to see what the year ahead brings, both in regard to home building and interior design.

Before we get started on some incredible luxury home builds across the Gold Coast, we wanted to take some time to let you know what we’re expecting from the industry in 2020.  From smart home technology to Italian-inspired countertops, here are our top 7 predictions for the most popular home building this year.

1. Sustainability upgrades

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While sustainability has become an increasingly popular part of home building and interior design over recent years, we expect this to be refined in 2020 with the introduction of new, more sophisticated sustainability upgrades.

This year we’ll be looking at an increase in energy efficient fixtures, fittings and appliances – things like water-saving tapware, sensor and motion detected lighting solutions and water recycling systems for dishwashers, showers and washing machines. We also expect to see an increase in passive homes that use natural elements to maintain a comfortable temperature, as well as homes built from reclaimed, recycled and bio materials.

2. The kitchen will become more important

A new decade means change and nowhere will feel this more strongly than the humble kitchen – we’re expecting kitchens to become less about food and more about general living this year.

With the rise of open plan living, the kitchen has evolved into a multipurpose space where families can come together to spend time in an informal manner. We expect building design to start reflecting this shift in 2020, with open kitchen designs remaining steady and dynamic furniture pieces included that suit both casual dining and social occasions.

3. Smart technology

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Google searches for ‘smart home’ have almost tripled in the last 5 years and we don’t see this slowing down any time soon. In terms of design, we expect this to translate into a direct increase in smart home building. This means homes that are equipped with security, temperature regulating, lighting and other electronic devices that automate otherwise manual tasks and which can be controlled remotely via a smartphone or computer.

Similarly, we predict voice-activated technology in the home will continue to increase in popularity, particularly among an older generation who may start to face accessibility issues.

4. More consideration to lighting

Part of our quest as humans to achieve more sustainable, passive home design will see more consideration given to lighting in 2020 – particularly natural light. Skylights are expected to gain popularity as a great way of adding natural warmth and light to your home, without increasing your bills. Similarly, window orientation and design will move into the spotlight.

While this is something home builders have always been aware of as an important factor in passive design, client consideration of this element is still relatively new. Of course, artificial lighting remains integral to a well-functioning home and we’re expecting statement pendant lights to remain popular while floor lamps and integrated strip lighting on cabinetry will regain momentum.

5. Terrazzo

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Terrazzo is back and it’s bigger and better than ever! The return of the vibrant speckled tile represents a wider shift in the industry toward Italian-inspired interior design. We’re expecting to see terrazzo take over bathroom, kitchen and laundry spaces this year in the form of floor and wall tiles, countertops and splashbacks. In terms of other Italian design elements – look out for natural and muted backdrops, bold pops of colour, sleek lines and soft curves, as well as high-end feature furniture choices.

6. Flexible room design

Understandably, most people only want to build their dream home once in a lifetime, which means the design needs to be adaptable to change. In 2020, we’re expecting this to translate into the rise of interchangeable spaces – gone are the days of building a children’s bedroom or a study that fulfils one single purpose; modern home design is likely to feature several fluid spaces that can be adapted and changed throughout a lifetime to suit whatever purpose is required at the time.

7. Intentional outdoor spaces

Outdoor living shouldn’t be thought of as separate to the home – these days a purposeful and sophisticated outdoor living area is an extra room of the home. As such, outdoor living spaces are set to become more intentional with care taken to add modern conveniences like outdoor kitchens, wall coverings and heating and cooling solutions. Alfresco areas located in the centre of the home will also gain popularity as a way of integrating nature into modern home design.


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