Deciding to build your dream home is an exciting time, but it comes with many questions and uncertainties – where do I start? How long will it take? How do I ensure everyone is working toward my vision?

Namely, a builder can help you find the right architect to create your luxury lifestyle. Experienced builders have selected architects that they know and trust; once a builder understands your vision they can help find the architect they feel suits best. This means your builder and architect will have a strong working relationship and ensures the building of your dream home is fast, efficient and cost-effective.

Finding people who will work toward the same budget is an incredibly important reason for you to have your chosen home builder work with the architect from the beginning. Once your builder has mapped out the scope of your project, they can get started on discussing the best quality materials to use with the chosen architect.

An added benefit of choosing your builder first is the shifting of accountability – once your team is working on your home improvement together there’s no need for you to be the middleman between architect and builder. This means you’ll be consulted upon only when it truly matters because things like choosing design features, final fixtures, and your favourite materials are far more important than menial admin decisions.

Further to that, the construction of your luxury home can be planned from the very beginning. This ensures that from concept to delivery, the design and look of your home is consistent and, more importantly, the feel is that of your very own dream home.

With your builder and architect on the same page, you will have two sets of eyes looking over everything you do and ensuring that no corners are cut when it comes to the building of your home. Whether it’s in regards to regulations, materials or functionality, having a team working together is always more useful than two separate entities when it comes to your luxury lifestyle.

It’s important to note that allowing your builder to guide you towards the right architect does not mean you’re excluded from the process. What it really means is that your builder will handpick an architect based on their compatibility to your style and project. Instead of flying blind, you’ll be offered a unique insight into the industry and given expert advice on who will help best achieve your dreams.

If you’ve already got an architect in mind, a builder will often be open to working with someone new. However, as you can see, allowing an experienced home builder and architect to work together from conception when building your luxury lifestyle might just be the best option.


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