Choosing a builder for your dream home can be a difficult, time-consuming task; but it’s time well spent considering the emotional and financial investment.

Finding a builder you trust, who understands your creative vision and can get the job done without any stress on your part will make all the difference to your home building experience.

One of the best ways to choose the right builder for your home is through client referrals and reviews. Reading about someone else’s personal experience is a great way to learn about how a builder operates and build trust before embarking on a journey of your own.

Keep reading to find out more about the importance of referrals.

1. Gain an understanding of what the builder is like to work with

It’s extremely important to gauge whether the builder you’re hoping to work with is friendly, professional, collaborative, effective and quick to resolve issues. Aside from reading referrals that mention the finished look of a home, you should dig deeper for reviews that discuss more personable aspects of the company.

At McGowan Homes, we recently received this feedback from a Willow Vale client after a custom home build:

“Their careful planning, strong building experience, excellent software system, attention to detail and flexibility helped us to navigate through our first build and makes Jeremy and Christine a formidable building team!”

A referral like this, that discusses the service during construction, provides a great insight into how a builder operates.

2. Determine if the builder has repeat clients

Repeat clients indicate that the service provided by a builder was of an excellent standard. Such a high standard in fact, that a client has decided to embark on a second, third or even fourth project with them. This also means that their home has stood the test of time.

Referrals from repeat clients usually mention prior experience with the company, so be sure to look out for comments like the below, from our client Robyn:

“We worked with Jeremy on our home in Runaway Bay, so we knew McGowan Homes would be a great fit for this job.”

The commercial project we worked on for Robyn, after completing her new home build in Runaway Bay.

3. Learn about the builder’s process

While builders generally follow a similar process, it is important to understand that each builder is unique. That being said, you need to find a builder whose process works for you.

If you’re new to home building, choose a builder who’s willing to guide you through any difficulties and clarify uncertainties. The best way to determine this is through referrals, like the below from our Mount Gravatt clients Paul and Leanne:

“Throughout the building process Jeremy and his team were always patient and courteous, and changes along the way were never a hassle. Where there were matters that needed clarification, these were dealt with promptly and without fuss or delay to the project.”

4. Discover how the builder approaches challenges

The building process is not without its challenges, many of which are unexpected. A good builder is adaptable and should draw on their experience to deal with these challenges quickly and professionally.

It’s not a red flag if a referral mentions unexpected issues, rather it’s important to understand how the builder dealt with these. At our Coomera Waters build, we encountered major challenges, which our clients Tom and Bec mentioned in their referral after completion:

“We’re very grateful for Jeremy’s advice, professionalism and efficiency in helping us to resolve issues that we found with our deck not long after the other works started. The scope on these repairs was so much bigger than the original works but this was still completed in the original timeframe.”

5. Learn about their communication processes

Effective communication is vital to the successful completion of any construction project. Poor communication can result in misunderstandings, delays and issues down the track.

When you’re referred to a builder from a past client, it’s likely that their communication is top notch. Keep an eye out for referrals that mention clients’ involvement in the building process, as this is a good indication of the builders level of communication. Our Hope Island client, Hilary, gives a good example of this below in her referral of our team:

“Both Jeremy and Christine made me feel like a valued customer and kept me in the loop at all stages of the build. I particularly liked the software that they use which makes communication between the builder and client really transparent…”

Our online client portal system is available to clients 24/7.


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